PA3 – Utility and Regulator Education

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Throughout the DEUSA1 project (2020-2023) and within the Priority Area #3 efforts, the Program teams had the key task of engaging, educating, and partnering with investor-owned, municipal, and cooperative utilities, and state utility regulators. Their foci were on

  1. better connecting with their large and or small electric utilities and strengthening those relationships,
  2. potentially bringing certain representatives on-board the state initiative (e.g., join the Steering Committee?),
  3. partner to have a larger impact on relaying the benefits of transportation electrification for all stakeholders to all stakeholders in the utility’s territory,
  4. discuss evolving best practices for utility EV programs and their unique partnerships and challenges, and
  5. help drive new utility incentive program development.

Opportunities to do this work included not only direct engagement with utilities but potentially conducting seminars, forums, R&Ds, and other convenings towards achieving collaborative results. The below map gives an overview of engagement across the original 14 states, and will be updated in 2024 and 2025 as the DEUSA2 states and Washington, DC get deeper in their work with their utilities. Beneath that are lists of the utilities that were engaged in each state.

Map of utilities that DEUSA states engaged during the project

Some notes on the above map.

  1. The circles are representative of utility size and are not indicative of each utility’s service territory. Electric utility service territories can be quite amorphous in shape and cover adjacent or non-adjacent regions with a state.
  2. State municipal and cooperative associations are shown via coloration of the whole state. In cases where two colors are shown, both muni- and coop-type utility organizations were engaged in that state.
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In the below section, the electric utility – whether IOU, publicly owned, cooperative, G&T, or association – is shown, as well as the number of electric customers that utility has in that state. Also note there are many IOU-type utilities as well as some other types that produce/distribute/sell electricity or manage the distribution network in multiple states.

  • Wisconsin

    We Energies (1.2M)

    Alliant Energy / WPL (500k)

    Wisconsin Pub. Serv. Corp. (450k)

    Xcel Energy (260k)

    Madison Gas & Electric (163k)

    Kaukauna Utilities (15k)

    WPPI Energy (210k)

    Dairyland Power Coop. (290k)

    St. Croix Electric Coop. (11k)

    Jackson Electric Coop. (6k)

  • Tennessee

    TVA (7M)

    PES Energize (15k)

    Morristown Utilities (15k)

    MLGW (431k)

    TN Municipal Elec. Power Asssoc. (2.4M)

    TN Electric Cooperative Assoc. (2.5M)

    Paris BPU (21k)

    EPB (180k)

    Volunteer Energy Coop. (116k)

    Powell Valley Elec. Coop. (33k)

    Holston Elec. Coop. (30k)

  • Florida

    Tallahassee Elec. (130k)

    Florida Power & Light (12M)

    Duke Energy FL (1.9M)

    Gainesville Reg Util. (GRU; 93k)

    Winter Park Utility (15k)

    JEA (520k)

    TECO (830k)

    Orlando Utilities Commission(240k)

    Altamonte Electric Utility (46k)

    Seminole Electric Coop. (1.9M)

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  • North Carolina

    Duke Energy (~2M in NC)

    Blue Ridge Energy (78k)

    Energy United EMC (124k)

    NC’s Electric Cooperatives (2.5M)

    Four County EMC (44k)

    Fayetteville Public Works Cmmssn (114k)

    Brunswick Electric Memb. Corp. (94k)

  • Colorado

    Mountain View Electric Assoc. (60k)

    Black Hills Energy (308k in CO)

    San Isabel Electric Assoc. (26k)

    Colorado Springs Util. (228k)

    Holy Cross Utility (44k)

    Xcel Energy (1.6M)

  • Alabama

    Alabama Power (1.5M)

    Dothan Elec. Dept. (30k)

    Selma ED (6k)

    Sylacauga Utilities Board (12k)

    North Alabama EC (19k)

    TVA (1M+)

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  • Pennsylvania

    PECO Energy (1.7M)

    UGI (~63k)

    Duquesne Light (600k)

    First Energy (2.1M)

  • Missouri

    Ameren (1.2M)

    Liberty (160k)

    City of Kirkwood

    City of Springfield (<10k)

  • Louisiana

    DEMCO (115k)

    SWEPCO (235k in LA)

    Cleco (293k)

    Entergy LA (1.1M)

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  • Utah

    Utah Associated Muni. Power Systems (980k)

    Rocky Mtn. Power (800k)

    Garkane Energy (15k)

  • Ohio

    First Energy (6M)

    AEP Ohio (& subsidiaries; 1.5M)

    Paulding-Putnam Electric Coop. (12k)

  • Virginia

    Old Dominion EC (1.5M in 3 states)

    Dominion Energy (2.6M in VA)

    Rappahannock EC (170k)

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  • Georgia

    Georgia Power (2.7M)

    Oglethorpe Power (4.4M)

  • Kansas

    Evergy (1.6M in 2 states)

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