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The DRIVE Electric USA team is large, spanning all 14 states that are part of the project for the programmatic work. Get in touch with our programmatic or administrative team members to learn more about this groundbreaking project.

Project Team

The staff of the 14 Clean Cities Programs that are participating in the project.

Administrative Team

Jonathan Overly
Jonathan OverlyTNCleanFuels
Jonathan Overly has spent 20 years building partnerships towards implementing cleaner-fuel projects and programs. While Tennessee is his primary focus, multi-state collaboratives are of unique interest to Jonathan as they provide opportunities to make a larger difference.
Daniel J. F. Siksay
Daniel J. F. SiksayTNCleanFuels
Daniel is an experienced rhetorician who has successfully applied a critical thinking mindset to create an extensive skillset including business management, digital media coordination, and public outreach.
Sarah E. Roth
Sarah E. RothTNCleanFuels
Sarah is a data management expert and a published biologist. She is a talented environmental advocate and utilizes her considerable expertise and social intuition to bring people together for the public good.
Sam Spofforth
Sam SpofforthClean Fuels Ohio
Sam Spofforth has served as Executive Director of Columbus-based Clean Fuels Ohio since the organization’s founding in 2002. He will provide support for Drive Electric USA as a Project Programmatic Lead.
Andrew Conley
Andrew ConleyClean Fuels Ohio
Andrew Conley is Clean Fuels Ohio’s Chief Program Officer where he is responsible for directing all programmatic work and synergizing efforts among all the program areas. He will provide Program Oversight for the Drive Electric USA project.
Megan Stein
Megan SteinClean Fuels Ohio
Megan Stein, Chief Operations Officer, manages all business operations at Clean Fuels Ohio. She will provide Administrative Oversight for Drive Electric USA.
Marie McConnell
Marie McConnellClean Fuels Ohio
Marie McConnell is the Outreach & Organizing Manager for Clean Fuels Ohio’s Drive Electric Ohio Initiative. She will be Drive Electric Ohio’s Programmatic Lead for Drive Electric USA.
Jenna Ellingson
Jenna EllingsonClean Fuels Ohio
Jenna Ellingson is a Projects Coordinator at Clean Fuels Ohio. She is responsible for managing contracting and administrative tasks for Drive Electric USA.

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