Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Fleet Type: Field Trucks



Embracing Electric Vehicles: Woodard’s Progressive Shift in Fleet Management. Woodard Cleaning and Restoration, renowned for its exceptional commercial restoration services in St. Louis, is embarking on a transformative journey by beginning to convert its extensive fleet to electric vehicles (EVs). This initiative is a testament to Woodard’s commitment to environmental stewardship and represents a significant step forward in sustainable business practices.

About Woodard Cleaning and Restoration:  Established in 1946, Woodard has evolved into St. Louis’s largest locally-owned restoration company, renowned for quick response times and superior quality services. With a fleet of over 100 vehicles and a team of more than 200 specialists, Woodard stands as a pillar of reliability and expertise, extending its services nationwide during times of disaster.

Innovative Legacy and Customer-Centric Approach: The company, founded by Earl and Nancy Woodard, pioneered in-home rug cleaning services, a hallmark of innovation. Today, under the stewardship of Justin Woodard, Earl and Nancy’s grandson, the company continues to honor this legacy of innovation and exceptional customer service. Woodard’s success is attributed to its team’s expertise, commitment to high-quality cleaning, and a deep-rooted tradition of customer satisfaction.

Outputs and Outcomes

Transitioning to a Greener Future: Woodard Cleaning and Restoration is now transitioning to an electric fleet as part of its commitment to sustainability and innovation. This strategic move aligns with the company’s long-standing excellence and environmental responsibility values. By adopting EVs, Woodard is reducing its carbon footprint and setting a benchmark in the industry for eco-friendly practices.

Economic and Environmental Benefits: The shift to electric vehicles offers significant advantages. EVs promise reduced fuel and maintenance costs, contributing to operational efficiency while supporting environmental conservation. This decision reflects Woodard’s dedication to future-proofing its operations and its role as a responsible community leader.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Woodard Cleaning and Restoration’s move to electrify its fleet symbolizes its progressive vision and commitment to environmental sustainability. By integrating electric vehicles into its operations, Woodard showcases leadership in fleet electrification and reinforces its dedication to innovation and excellence, building on a legacy that has spanned over 70 years. This initiative sets an inspiring example for businesses nationwide, demonstrating how traditional values can harmoniously blend with modern, eco-friendly practices.

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