Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Fleet Type: Light-duty Electric Vehicles



Dynamic Expansion of Electric Fleet: In a significant stride toward environmental sustainability, St. Louis City has introduced four new 100% electric vehicles into critical departments: the Department of Health, the City Mail Room, the Board of Public Service, and the Comptroller’s Office. Wrapped in environmental messages, these vehicles mark a pivotal phase in the city’s initiative to phase out older, emission-heavy vehicles.

Strategic Electrification and Decarbonization Goals: Catherine Werner, the city’s Sustainability Director, emphasized the crucial role of vehicle electrification in St. Louis City’s broader decarbonization agenda. This move aligns seamlessly with the city’s ambitious target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, showcasing its commitment to sustainable urban development.

Fiscal Prudence and Funding: The acquisition of these new electric vehicles was astutely financed using a portion of the $423,000 awarded to the city by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources through Volkswagen Trust funds. This strategic funding ensures that the electrification initiative advances without imposing additional financial burdens on city taxpayers.

Mayoral Directive for Sustainable Procurement: Further reinforcing this initiative, the Mayor’s office has instructed all city departments to prioritize acquiring low and no-emission vehicles. This directive aims to replace traditional gasoline-powered vehicles with more environmentally friendly options whenever they are cost-effective.

Outputs and Outcomes

Health, Environmental, and Financial Advantages: The city’s transition to electric vehicles is associated with numerous benefits. These include significant reductions in fuel, operating, and maintenance costs, decreased greenhouse gas emissions, and eliminating tailpipe emissions that contribute to air pollution. This aligns with the city’s vision of fostering a healthier, more sustainable urban environment.

Ongoing Expansion and Future Plans: St. Louis City has already integrated several electric vehicles at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, demonstrating its leadership in sustainable transportation. Plans are underway to expand the electric vehicle fleet later this year, further solidifying the city’s role as a pioneer in urban ecological transformation.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

St. Louis City’s adoption of electric vehicles is a testament to its visionary leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainable urban planning. By proactively addressing the challenges of climate change and urban pollution, the city sets a benchmark for others to follow, paving the way toward a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

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