Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Fleet Type: Electric Shuttle Buses



Electrifying Airport Transit: St. Louis Lambert International Airport Adopts Electric Shuttle Buses

Strategic Partnership and Electrification Effort: In a landmark move towards sustainable airport transportation, St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) has partnered with Lightning eMotors to integrate five state-of-the-art Lightning ZEV4 electric shuttle buses into its transit system. These buses, representing the forefront of zero-emission technology, will be operated by STL partner SP Plus Parking (SP Plus), enhancing the passenger experience between the airport’s terminals.

Innovative Charging Infrastructure: Accompanying the buses, STL will deploy five Level 2 chargers and one Level 3 DC fast charger, ensuring efficient and continuous fleet operation. The integration of these advanced charging solutions underscores STL’s commitment to building a robust and sustainable electric vehicle infrastructure.

Federal Support and Compliance: Bolstered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 2023 Voluntary Airport Low Emissions Program (VALE) grant, a testament to STL’s compliance with FAA Buy American requirements. The funding supports purchasing electric vehicles and chargers and signifies federal endorsement of STL’s green transition.

Lightning eMotors’ Commitment to Standards and Expansion: Lightning eMotors’ certification of the ZEV4 product line as FAA Buy American and FTA Buy America compliant is a significant achievement, ensuring their products meet the rigorous standards necessary for federal funding. This order from STL validates Lightning eMotors’ excellence in EV technology, which is ideal for aiding airports in achieving business efficiency and environmental objectives.

Proven Track Record and Future Vision: The success story of Lightning eMotors is further exemplified by the performance of their electric shuttle buses at San Diego International Airport, which has logged over one million miles since 2020. This achievement, coupled with ongoing trials like the Lightning Mobile charger test at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, positions Lightning eMotors is a preferred EV manufacturer for airport deployments.

Outputs and Outcomes

STL’s Commitment to Clean Energy and Passenger Experience: Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, STL’s Airport Director and CEO, expresses excitement for passengers to experience STL’s new electric shuttles, marking a significant step in the airport’s commitment to sustainable, clean energy practices.

Operational Excellence and Training Initiatives: The Lightning ZEV4 shuttles, built on Lightning’s GM4500-based platform, are tailored for high efficiency and are expected to cover 100 miles per shift. STL’s proactive approach includes training local service providers to maintain these EVs, ensuring operational excellence and a smooth transition to green practices.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

St. Louis Lambert International Airport’s shift to electric shuttle buses is pioneering the adoption of clean energy solutions in airport operations. This initiative showcases STL’s leadership in environmental stewardship and sets a benchmark for airports nationwide, demonstrating how sustainable practices can be seamlessly integrated into commercial transportation.

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