Location: Oshkosh, WI

Fleet Type: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure



The owner of Shea Electric & Communications, LLC realizes that as more people begin driving EVs (electric vehicles), additional infrastructure (charging stations) will be needed. His business —a commercial, industrial, and institutional electrical contractor, headquartered in Oshkosh and serving surrounding areas — partnered with breezEV as its Level II electric vehicle charger partner. 

Shea selected breezEV as a charging station partner since all vehicles can use them without being part of a special network and utilize the J1772 plug. BreezEV chargers come equipped with AmpUp software, which allows drivers to schedule a charging time or inform them when an outlet is open. 

Outputs and Outcomes

An owner of an EV truck with colorful graphics advertising it runs on batteries, Shea installed two EV chargers at his business, providing an opportunity to showcase the technology and help consumers to understand how they work. 

“As more people drive EVs, employers, businesses and municipalities will be looking at adding charging stations,” he said. “Drivers will need access to chargers at multiple locations, not just at their homes. They will want the convenience of having chargers nearby.” 

Shea is working with local municipalities regarding installation of EV chargers in their downtown areas to serve people visiting and working and living in those areas.  

In June 2023, Dan Shea hosted an event to raise the profile of EVs and educate people about why and how they can prepare for EV growth in the market. Shea partnered with Amplify, a tech organization affiliated with the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce; local EV auto dealers — Homan Auto Group and Bergstrom Automotive; a local financial institution — Horicon Bank — and breezEV to host the EV Drive extravaganza.  Shea wanted to offer area individuals and businesses an opportunity to drive an EV “to see what it feels like” and have their questions answered about how they work, regular maintenance, and lending options.   

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Consumer education plays an important role in EV adoption rates. “Building a commercial charging business will take some time,” Shea said, “and more discussion about the technology might be useful”.  A dedicated EV driver, Shea is sharing his knowledge and expertise to further the adoption of electric vehicles in Wisconsin.  Partnering with Dan Shea will assist Wisconsin Clean Cities and the Drive Electric Wisconsin program as we showcase vehicles throughout the state. “We just have to demystify it and get people comfortable with electric vehicles, talk calmly and not let them run around saying ‘range anxiety’, as the NEVI funding will address this concern,” Shea said. Shea says consumers need to shift their mindset from “filling up” to “topping off”. WCC looks forward to partnering with Shea Electric & Communication as more electric vehicles make their way to Wisconsin roadways as we continue to “Drive Wisconsin Forward.”

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