Location: Columbus, OH
Fleet Type: Heavy-duty Electric Vans and Trucks




PITT OHIO is a family owned business headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that began in 1979 with a focus on running freight between Pittsburgh and Ohio. PITT OHIO operates in fourteen states and averages about eight and a half million miles traveled per month. They are a part of a larger organization consisting of four other companies called the PITT OHIO Transportation Group. These companies include US Cargo, US Special Delivery, Dohrn Transfer Company, and Ross Express.

Not only is PITT OHIO an extremely successful trucking company, but they are also known for their sustainability efforts. About ten years ago, they started a sustainability steering committee as well as completing a solar project. They also got involved with wind and microgrids. Recently, they have been shifting their focus to their fleet and how they can make it more sustainable. One of the steps towards this goal has been transitioning to electric vehicles which Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) has assisted in.

PITT OHIO and CFO first began working together through a demonstration project. Since that, CFO has been able to help provide resources which offset the costs of one of PITT OHIO’s chargers and trucks. Another significant part of what has been accomplished since working with CFO has been expanding their network through connections that have been made to other organizations.

PITT OHIO now has two VNR Electric MD Box Trucks, a couple of Ford E-Transits, and are currently in the process of receiving Freightliner eM2 Box Trucks in December of 2023. These medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks are primarily used for local delivery. As a company, PITT OHIO is working on expanding their experience of electric vehicles in the medium duty space and as electrification is advancing, they want to get a head of it. Overall, from charging to utilization, the introduction of electric vehicles into PITT OHIO’s fleet has been a positive experience.

Outputs and Outcomes

The outputs from PITT OHIO introducing electric trucks into their fleets creating a sustainability steering committee as well as partaking in CFO’s demonstration project. The outcomes from this work includes increasing their connections and network with other organizations and clean cities coalitions as well as being able to offset the costs of installing chargers and purchasing their electric trucks.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

  1. Understand your relationships with utility partners.
  2. Get support from senior level leaders in the organization.
  3. Have financial and resource backing.
  4. Do your homework in terms of maintenance.

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