Location: Norfolk State University
Fleet Type: Campus EV Charging and Fleet EVs



In 2023 VCC engaged with Richard Martin, Director of Energy and Sustainability at Norfolk State University on an electrification transition analysis and plan. The University utilizes a number of shuttle vans to move students to and from campus. The University also operates a campus police vehicle fleet. The University is seeking assistance on replacing existing gasoline and diesel vehicles with electric and hybrid vehicles. VCC prepared a fleet analysis for NSU that showed the cost savings and emissions reductions that result from switching to EVs. The University is currently in the process of installing EV charging stations for students and faculty.

Outputs & Outcomes

VCC worked with the NSU  community to implement EV charging stations with payment methods on our network that helps their campus community. VCC is working with NSU to provide EVSE and EV demonstrations to fleet, staff and students. VCC brought in our partner, EVNoire, to develop an  E-Mobility Fellowship Program through EVNoire/EVHybridnoire for student EVSE certifications at the NSU Smart Innovative Technology Lab. An outcome will be the development of an EV and EVSE workforce training program for HBCU students.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

  1. Set expectations. Solar EV charging is expensive and not practical at this time.
  2. Identify the right use case for each vehicle electrification. Hybrid vehicles may suit a public-safety use case better than a fully electric vehicle.

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