Location: Plymouth, WI

Fleet Type: Electric Class 8 Terminal Trucks



Since its founding in 1974, Masters Gallery Foods (MGF) has grown to service many of the nation’s grocery chains, wholesalers, restaurants, and distributors with a full line of cheese and cheese-related products. The Company also specializes in the procurement, aging, and distribution of bulk cheeses at a national level. The Masters Gallery family is 900+ employees strong and growing and has a long history of sustainability and environmental stewardship. They are a member of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council and are a five-time recipient of the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award.

Masters Gallery Foods added to its award-winning green initiatives in 2022 with the purchase of a pure-electric terminal truck from Orange EV, making it the first manufacturer in the state of Wisconsin to deploy their 100% electric Class 8 truck. Deployed on April 1, 2022, at the company’s Oostburg facility, Masters gallery Foods purchased the electric vehicle for its ability to eliminate diesel emissions, reduce its carbon footprint, increase safety, and improve overall efficiency.

Masters Gallery Foods strives to manufacture and distribute products with minimum energy consumption and waste generation. The Orange EV truck aligns with sustainability efforts, providing a significant increase in efficiency and longevity compared to diesels, thereby also reducing the necessity and frequency of replacing vehicles. Masters Gallery Foods also has goals to expand their electric fleet in the future.

Additionally, our MGF Logistics Fleet has been SmartWay Certified since 2012. The EPA’s SmartWay program helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency. Masters Gallery Foods has committed to working with our carriers to achieve 100% participation in the SmartWay Program. In 2022 we achieved 79% of SmartWay ton miles amongst our carriers. This is another way we are promoting sustainable transportation throughout our supply chain.

Outputs and Outcomes

By replacing just one diesel truck with a 100% electric model, Masters Gallery Foods is expected to see an emissions reduction of about 750 tons of carbon dioxide over the lifetime of the vehicle. In the first year alone, they saw nearly a 7% reduction in overall fleet emissions amongst both of their facilities. With this success, Masters Gallery Foods has goals to expand their electric fleet in the future.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Masters Gallery Foods strives to incorporate environmental social governance into daily operations and the strategic planning of the business. These efforts are supported by Masters Gallery Foods’ President and CEO Jeff Gentine who stated: 

“We believe sustainability is inherent to long-term success, and the decisions we make today influence our people, the environment, and our community. We work diligently to integrate social responsibility into all our business operations. We are constantly on the lookout for advancements in knowledge and technology as they relate to our environment.”

Through the integration of the Orange EV Truck, we learned that: 

  1. Creating a culture of sustainability within the company and increasing employee education around sustainability was critical for the successful integration of the Orange EV truck. 
  2. Not only is fleet electrification a great way to progress sustainability within the company, but it is also now a cost competitive option compared to traditional diesel trucks. 
  3. With reduced engine vibrations and nearly no noise the electric truck is more comfortable for the drivers and decreases health risks associated with diesel emissions.

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