Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Fleet Type: Electric Street Sweepers




Drive Electric Missouri engaged with city officials, City and County public works departments, and the general public to show the advantages and efficiency of Electric Street Sweepers. Efficiency, cost savings, and time to complete street cleaning projects were all under consideration by the city officials and public works departments.

SUCCESS STORY – October 26 – Drive Electric Missouri @driveelectricgateway continued its outreach efforts to St. Louis City and county public works departments to introduce the benefits of upgrading diesel to all-electric street sweepers. 

  • Unlike its diesel predecessor, this Electric Street Sweeper boasts an on-board disposal container. No more frequent trips back to base for debris disposal; this lean machine works at least 50% faster, ensuring streets are spick and span in no time.
  • Old diesel sweepers are not just noisy, and they’re environmental culprits. With carcinogenic exhausts and noise pollution, they represent outdated technology. Our electric sweepers, on the other hand, champion clean air, producing zero emissions and significantly reducing noise pollution.
  • Proudly presented by Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc., the Global Environmental Products, Inc. M4EV Street Sweeper is a testament to modern engineering. It’s the industry’s first Class 7 rechargeable street sweeper, boasting speeds up to 55 mph and an impressive eight-hour work autonomy per charge. Its precise 18.5’ turning radius ensures impeccable curb cleaning, and the 5.6 Cubic Yard Hopper is unparalleled in its debris capacity.
  • Major Partners:  Chesterfield Missouri Department of Public Works and Global Environmental Partners, and Kirby-Smith Machinery

Outputs and Outcomes

The benefits address many of the objectives of city officials. As city streets buzz with the hum of life, a silent revolution emerges from an unexpected source: street sweepers. Drive Electric Missouri is propelling cities towards a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient era in partnership with Chesterfield, Missouri’s Department of Public Works, Global Environmental Partners, and Kirby-Smith Machinery.

You don’t think about street sweepers until you see them. An engine that consumes diesel emits pollutants into the atmosphere from combustion, such as carbon dioxide (greenhouse), suspended particles, and the fearsome nitrogen oxides. The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the exhaust gases of diesel engines as a carcinogen (which causes cancer). Beyond pollution, these massive machines emit noise pollution as well. Out with the old, in with the new! Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. has introduced St. Louis and Kansas City to Global Environmental Products, Inc.’s M4EV Street Sweeper, the first and only 100% Electric Class 7 rechargeable street sweeper.

“Together with U.S. Hybrid, we are providing customers across the U.S. with made-in-America zero-emission street sweepers featuring the best available technology in the industry,” said Chad Bormann, Vice President of Global Environmental Products, Inc. The sweepers are sold and supported by Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. throughout Missouri.

Global Sweeper reports the M4EV can travel up to 55 miles per hour. Zero emissions, eight hours of work autonomy on a single charge, and its efficiency are remarkable. With its turning radius of 18.5’ and Cab-Over center steering design, it is elegantly simple to get the 47” Diameter Gutterbrooms to clean the curbs. This unit is unmatched in street sweeping performance and efficiency, including the 5.6 Cubic Yard Hopper.

This energy-efficient, clean machine is competitively priced if annualized over five years when taking in performance, energy efficiency, and maintenance savings.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

The most significant result of our event was the realization that most of our city’s stakeholders had never seen an electric street sweeper. We were fortunate that the event took place at the Chesterfield (suburb of St. Louis) public works department. St. Louis Lambert Airport bought an electric street sweeper for our event, and the City of Chesterfield is evaluating the purchase.

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