Location: Blawnox, PA
Fleet Type: Light and Medium-duty Electric Vehicles



The Pittsburgh Coalition (PRCC) began working with the Giant Eagle and its Fleet manager in 1995 to consider and evaluate multiple alternative fuels. The company developed plans around securing several different kinds of alt-fuel vehicles including heavy-duty CNG vehicles, CNG Yard Jockey, and CNG pickups. They even started to convert a few of their vehicles to run on biodiesel.  Then in 2020 they had demoed an Orange EV Yard Jockey.

Giant Eagle started putting in level II charging stations at their depots throughout western Pennsylvania as well as their headquarters in Blawnox, PA in 2011, They purchased their two electric Ford vans in 2013 and had also purchased two Chevy Volts as well. In 2021 they purchased two electric yard jockeys and today they now have increased that to six-yard jockeys.

The company also owns over 200 grocery stores across 5 states. They also own 194 GetGo gas stations which include E-85, natural gas and electric vehicle chargers.    In 202 Giant Eagle GetGo gas stations started with their first Tesla electric charging stations in Washington, PA location, in 2022 Giant Eagle was selected to receive a grant for two DC Fast Chargers along one of our interstate highways under the DRIVE PA Forward Program (VW Funds). And just recently they were selected as a recipient of the Pennsylvania National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure grants for additional DC Fast Chargers at two more locations. Giant Eagle has committed to reducing their carbon footprint to Zero by 2040 Giant Eagle Announces Net Zero Carbon Commitment | Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle’s net zero carbon commitment is a key pillar in the company’s overarching strategic environmental sustainability platform built on setting ambitious goals grounded in measurable progress. In the past eight years alone, Giant Eagle has demonstrated its leadership by reducing the carbon dioxide emitted throughout its operations by 22 percent. This was accomplished through numerous efforts, including the conversion of approximately 70 percent of its truck fleet to alternative energy.

Outputs & Outcomes

The outputs from the Giant Eagles efforts are they are clearly looking into additional EV purchases, as well as the continuation of installing infrastructure at their locations for their use and the use for the general public across the five-state area.

The outcomes from this work:

  1. The GHG emission reductions are already working with up to 20% with continuing reductions to 50% by 2030 and 100% by 2040.
  2. Giant Eagle is a family owned business and has its roots within the area as a major retailer and their vehicles, people and community deserve climate impact reductions. Their vehicles are seen daily from their five warehouses that will be driven in these communities that will see these GHG reductions now and into the future,
  3. More community citizens and visitors to the area see EVs at work around the area.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Giant Eagle has been reducing GHG’s for years and they continue to look at new ways to reduce their carbon footprint before 2040. They have been a supporter of the Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities since 1995 and are always willing to support the DOE and PRCC missions. The relationship that we have had with them will continue to grow as we educate more of the public through our outreach efforts.

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