Location: Johnson County, KS

Fleet Type: Light- and Medium-duty Electric Vehicles



MEC has been working with WaterOne, a major independent public water utility of Johnson County, since at least 2022. As a recipient of our EVUM grant program, they received two 2023 F-150, one 2023 F150 HVAC system, and one 2023 Ford E-Transit Cargo.

WaterOne has been serving the Johnson County, Kansas area since 1957. On a daily basis, over 400,000 people depend on WaterOne for fresh, clean water. They list their values as the same ones that water touches: family, health, safety, and community.

From their LinkedIn: they are, “a public utility by customers, for customers. WaterOne was born from our customers’ desire for great water, reliably.” In their management, they make sure to practice sustainability. Working with MEC for the electrification of their fleets matches the principles they abide by. As such, MEC is glad to be working with a water utility striving for environmental efficiency and conservation. 

Through our partnership with WarerOne, we have aimed to have weekly checks, especially considering their proximity with Olathe Ford and Olathe’s charging stations.

Outputs and Outcomes

WaterOne has reported very good feedback from its employees who have been assigned the EV vehicles. It has served as an educational experience and improved the air quality of the facilities in which these vehicles operate. The Outputs of the EVUM project for WaterOne have been the deployment of 3 F150 Lightnings and a Ford-E Transit Cargo. This has begun to decrease their spending on gasoline, and maintenance costs are slowly falling for the operation of these vehicles. The Outcomes of the EVUM project for WaterOne are providing a more educational experience for its employees and community members who previously had no interaction with EVs. This has reinforced sentiments around Electric Vehicles in Johnson County and potentially swayed employees and community members to purchase Electric Vehicles of their own.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

One best practice learned from WaterOne is listening to subrecipient needs. This has helped us make sure we are helping to manage the project for them to the best of our ability. When they had issues with production delays, we connected them with Ford to sort things out and ensured the delivery of some of their F150 Lightnings ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, this has not been the same case for other sub recipients of the EVUM project, but each case is situational.

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EVUM – Water One Fleet Story

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