Location: Lake Charles, LA
Fleet Type: Light-duty Fleet





 In 2020 Entergy took their first steps to electrify their Louisiana fleet with three Chevy Bolts. In past years Entergy’s main corporate team successfully utilized 7 EVs in other states. The Louisiana electric fleet has been used internally to allow team members to travel to work sites across the state in a zero-emission vehicle.

The aim of this project is to update their fleet to be over 50% electric by 2030. To do this, they have been focusing on infrastructure needs in their facilities and at-home charging for staff members with take-home vehicles. In anticipation of greater EV fleet adoption, Entergy has invested in more than 100 dual port chargers strategically located across our service area with plans for future installations as demand increases.

“In support of our commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, we are working to integrate electric technology into our fleet of light-duty service trucks and other types of on- and off road equipment, aiming to have 50% of our light-duty fleet electrified by 2030.” – Scott Barrios, electric mobility portfolio manager at Entergy.

As EVs are more widely available throughout the country, Entergy plans to scale their fleet with the EV market. This is not exclusive to light-weight vehicles; Entergy also intends to include all-electric bucket trucks and medium-duty work trucks in their EV fleet in upcoming years.

Outputs and Outcomes

Entergy, a power utility, has successfully reduced its scope one emissions by 9.4 tons by utilizing the three Electric Vehicles in its fleet. This achievement has garnered support to expand their EV fleet to over 50% of the Entergy fleet, a significant step towards promoting sustainable solutions and reducing carbon emissions. This success is a testament to the critical development of initiatives keen on pursuing clean energy, which is vital to the triumph of Alternative Fuel Vehicle undertakings and the overall success of the clean energy industry..

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Entergy had several issues with sourced vehicles, specifically within Louisiana. As EVs become more mainstream throughout the US, it will be easier to quickly grow the fleet at Entergy. Additionally, Louisiana’s EV infrastructure has caused many drivers to experience range anxiety. To combat this, Entergy is working to provide L2 and L3 chargers more readily throughout the state through a public incentive program.

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