Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Fleet Type: Light and Medium-duty Electric Vehicles



The Pittsburgh Coalition (PRCC) began working with Duquesne Light and its Administrator in 2011 to consider alternative fuels, especially electric vehicles and infrastructure as they are the electric utility in the Pittsburgh area.  Duquesne Light Company Advances Transition to Clean Energy Future With Expansion of Electric Vehicle Charging Offerings The company decided to start to look at electrifying their fleet by looking at what was available for their electric boom trucks that had to idle while they were in use fixing the electric grid. Around 2015, they began looking more carefully at acquiring light-duty (LD) electric vehicles (EVs).

Duquesne Light purchased its first LD EVs in 2017, they purchased 8 plug-in hybrid electric Chevy Bolts and two Hybrid electric bucket trucks   They continued their move with a four-part EV Initiative by donating three plug-in hybrid vehicles to three charities through their Power it Ford EV Giveaway. Duquesne Light Company Drives Pittsburgh into the Future with Electric Vehicle Initiative

Then in 2021 they purchased four plug-in hybrid F150 XL Hybrids to add to their fleet.  They had a plan in 2018 to move 5% of their fleet to electric and plan to move their entire light duty fleet to electric by 2030. In fact, today they now have over 30 vehicles driving on electric including several F150 Lightnings.  Not only are they buying electric vehicles, they now have 24 dual post chargers at 5 of their facilities with a total of 48 ports that can also be used by their employees as workplace charging.

Duquesne Light has been the leader in southwestern Pennsylvania with an educational group that works with its customers in educating them about the benefits of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Duquesne Light EV Guide and Browsing the electric vehicles on Electric Avenue at the Pittsburgh Auto Show – CBS Pittsburgh (cbsnews.com)

Outputs & Outcomes

The outputs from their efforts clearly include a ramping up of EV purchases, and helping folks install electric vehicle charging stations, including businesses, multiunit dwellings and municipalities. EV 101 (duquesnelight.com)

The outcomes from this work are:

  1. The GHG emission reductions from their electric vehicles and their commitment to be zero carbon by 2040. Leading by Example: Duquesne Light Company Expands Electric Vehicle Fleet and Workplace Charging
  2. It helps the area and community make inroads toward the developed climate impact reduction goals. Community Charging (duquesnelight-prd.azurewebsites.net)
  3. More community citizens and visitors to the area see EVs at work around the city.

Duquesne and the local EV chapter (3 Rivers EV Association) work together more on publicizing information about EVs, which in turn educates more citizens about the benefits of EVs while breaking through perceived barriers in the minds of potential EV owners. RoadTrip 2.0: Pittsburgh Leads the Way in Electric Vehicle Technologies (pghtech.org)

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Having Duquesne Light as part of our Board of Directors and chairing our PRCC EV Committee has been a great help in developing a two pager fact sheet . PRCC-EV-Charging-Two-Pager-12a-1.pdf (pgh-cleancities.org)

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