Location: Cobb County, GA
Fleet Type: Utility Operations



Cobb Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) is one of the pioneers of electric vehicle (EV) use in the state. For Cobb EMC’s Operations fleet, they piloted the use of light electric trucks and their use patterns across different departments to assess impacts on energy and performance to compare costs with similar internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. This pilot required installing new charging stations (Level 2 and Level 3) inside the fence on their campus just for Operations’ use and working with selected drivers to determine best practices for charging and use during the workday.

For Cobb EMC’s internal, non-Operations EV fleet, they purchased and used several different models for the Energy Advisors and Marketing groups to gain first-hand experience. They have incorporated their learnings into their EV programs and resources for members. Additionally, they have allocated several EVs for their member EV experience program, which allows members to test drive a vehicle for a day. This program is very popular among Cobb EMC members. Cobb EMC is currently working with the Georgia Automobile Dealership Association to promote Cobb EMC’s electrification initiatives in support of their programs with dealers. They installed two Level 2 chargers and one DC fast charger for public use by employees, visitors, and members. EVs have worked well for their Operations- and non-Operations activities and uses. For their Operations group, Cobb EMC has been able to prioritize which functions are the best fit for an EV based on driving and refueling requirements. This will continue to guide their purchase and use plans. According to Cobb EMC, the only real challenges to date have been maintaining the uptime of their on-campus charging infrastructure for all their fleet vehicles and employees/visitors for their personal vehicles and the time it has taken to repair chargers. At times, the charging islands can be full, and Cobb EMC’s fleet does have priority use of the chargers. 

Outputs & Outcomes

Outputs: As of March 2023, Cobb EMC has purchased and operates four light-duty electric trucks and seven light-duty electric cars. Cobb EMC also operates three electric forklifts.

Outcomes: Combined, these 14 vehicles offset an estimated 26.6 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2022. As more vehicles are added to the fleet, this number will continue to increase.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

  1. Employee feedback has been very positive to date for Cobb EMC electric vehicle usage. Adjustments have been made as necessary, and flexibility has been required. The feedback for their member experience program has also been very positive and supports their advisement goals for EV adoption in their area.

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