Location: Logan, OH

Fleet Type: Light-duty Electric Vehicle Police Fleet



The City of Logan began their journey to adopting electric vehicles (EVs) 2020. It started with a conversation with an Enterprise fleet management representative while discussing the vehicle needs of their department and a general interest in Tesla vehicles. Within this discussion, they were able to determine Teslas as a possibility for their police vehicles. At that time, some Teslas were being used as police vehicles on a limited scale. A couple months later after this initial discussion, they were connected with Valor Outfitters, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Valor Outfitters are the authorized upfitters for Tesla vehicles to be utilized for police needs.

The City of Logan then ordered two Tesla Model Y Cruisers in December of 2020 and received them in March of 2021. These vehicles were then sent to the upfitters where they stayed for an extended period of time to be prepared for use in their police fleet. The City of Logan’s police department then acted as a kind of prototype department for the upfitted Tesla police fleet vehicles which have now been on the road for almost two years performing traditional police duties. 

The overall experience with EVs in their police fleet has been positive. This included the purchase and installation of electric vehicle chargers. Once they had the cruisers ready for the police fleet, the Sustainable Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC) reached out to them and paid for the cost of the chargers as well as installing them. Their police department now has two charges, one for each vehicle. Each cruiser works an eight hour shift and is down for sixteen hours. At the end of their eight hour shift, the vehicle is then plugged in to be charged for use the next day. This works well for the Logan police department as they usually run on an 80 percent charge which is roughly 270 miles worth of battery and their vehicles typically average about 50-70 miles per shift.

Outputs and Outcomes

The one major output for the City of Logan is purchasing and fully upfitting two Tesla Model Y Cruisers for use in their police fleet. The outcomes for the City of Logan includes partaking in EV showcases and car shows, frequently getting asked to attend different conferences like the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police conference and the Texas Police Chiefs conference, as well as getting calls from agencies and city administrators who are interested in learning more about the vehicles and how they’ve implemented them into their fleet.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

  1. A lack of supercharger support has the potential to limit different fleets.

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