Location: Dayton, OH

Fleet Type: Light- and Heavy-duty Electric Vehicles



The city of Dayton, Ohio acquired their first sustainability policy in 2007. This was done with the focus on always choosing the most sustainable options and led to the purchase of their first electric vehicle in 2016, a Chevy Volt. It wasn’t until the adoption of their sustainability office in 2019 that they began creating solidified goals and plans for sustainability including electrifying their city fleets. Since then, they have set a number of hard goals, one of which was set in 2021 that states the City of Dayton will adopt a 100% electric fleet by 2035. Since purchasing their Chevy Volt and enacting this goal they have procured five Chevy Bolt EUVs and 10 Ford F-150 Lightnings.

These vehicles are utilized for a number of different tasks and duties across the departments throughout the city. Their Chevy Volt is used by their water and environmental services department for their wellfield and source water protection program. Their Chevy Bolts are used by their community police force, housing inspectors, and mediation center. And their Ford F-150 Lightnings are used by a variety of individuals amongst different departments spanning from fleet management to their water department.

The overall experience of charging and using these vehicles has been a positive experience. When it comes to charging, they have been buying and installing level 2 charges temporarily as they work towards a larger network of permanent charges. They have not had any major issues regarding the number of chargers across the city for their fleet vehicles as they have charging stations since the purchase of their Chevy Volt in 2016. They also partnered with AES clean energy, a subsidiary of AES, who helped them do a fleet and charging assessment to prepare them for where they need charging stations. The stability of charging stations in the city helps to alleviate range anxiety which those using the EVs experienced. They experienced this range anxiety on top of feelings of uncertainty around driving the EVs, but these feelings have since disappeared after being able to utilize these vehicles.

Outputs and Outcomes

The outputs from the city of Dayton’s fleet electrification includes adopting their sustainability policy in 2007, creating their sustainability office in 2019, and setting a goal to have  a 100% electric fleet by 2035. The outcome from this work includes the purchase and procurement of their Chevy Volt, Chevy Bolts, and Ford F-150 Lightnings, their installation of charging stations, and their fleet and charging assessment.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

  1. Complete a fleet assessment while declaring sustainability and fleet goals. 
  2. Have an understanding of charging before you purchase your first EV.

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