Location: Columbus, OH
Fleet Type: Light-duty Electric Vehicles




CampusParc, Ohio State University’s campus parking systems operator, has been a member with Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) since 2017. CFO began working on projects with CampusParc in 2019. These projects included their fleet electrification analysis as well as working on analyzing and understanding their maintenance costs. CampusParc is a part of a fifty-year contract with Ohio State University and one of their sustainability goals is to completely electrify their fleet as soon as possible. Conducting their fleet electrification analysis and analysis of costs has helped them to look ahead and plan for what is spent yearly.

CampusParc purchased their first electric vehicles (EV’s) in 2022. They were four Nissan Leafs, which replaced four of their Honda CRVs, and two electric TROPOS vehicles (pictured above shows two of the Nissan Leafs and pictured below shows one of the electric TROPOS). The Nissan Leafs have mainly been used for parking enforcement. The Nissan Leafs were seen as a perfect candidate as the Leaf’s door and seat height did not compromise what workers were used to in their SUV/Crossover counterparts.  The TROPOS vehicles are used for garage maintenance which includes cleaning, hauling trash, moving items to and from maintenance areas, and more. The TROPOS vehicles were seen as the perfect scenario as they can idle without emissions and have eliminated air and noise pollution.

The four EVs purchased for the CampusParc fleet are charged every other day. They utilize level 2 charges and charge their Nissan Leafs two at a time. This cycle ensures that as two Leafs are in use, two are charging and rotate through roughly a 48 hour cycle.

Outputs and Outcomes

The outputs from CampusParc’s fleet electrification analysis include purchasing their Nissan Leafs to replace four of their Honda CRVs and purchasing two electric TROPOS vehicles to replace the past diesel powered maintenance vehicles. The outcomes from this work includes being one step closer to reaching their sustainability goal of electrifying their entire fleet, reducing noise and air pollution, and even being able to use them as marketing for both athletes and EVs in team photoshoots.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

  1. Do your research. Not every vehicle will be a perfect fit and may need to be creative with the type of vehicle you purchase. 
  2. It’s important to get your team on board and to ensure those driving your new vehicles are comfortable. EVs could be completely new to your employee, and you want that vehicle to meet your employee’s needs.

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