Location: Logan, UT
Fleet Type: Electrified Roadways Research & Demonstration



For over two decades, the ASPIRE Center at Utah State University has been at the forefront of pioneering electrification efforts, reshaping the transportation landscape. The journey commenced with the establishment of the SELECT Center, a dedicated hub focused on advancing electrified transportation and roadways. This journey culminated in a remarkable achievement—the creation of the nation’s first electrified roadway on the Logan, UT campus. The roadway is used by ASPIRE’s industry and research partners for demonstration and testing across heavy to light duty EV vehicles. This accomplishment positioned Utah State University as an innovative leader on both national and international stages. Guided by principles rooted in engineering excellence, the ASPIRE center has fostered collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including public and private entities, local and federal governments, academia, and industry. Supported by substantial investments from the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office, the ASPIRE Center has emerged as a hub of pioneering research and innovation in electrified roadways. Utah Clean Cities, as a dedicated partner intrinsically linked to this visionary engineering and electrification center, has played an instrumental role in driving this transformation forward.

The dynamic partnership between the ASPIRE center, Utah Clean Cities, local stakeholders such as the Utah Transit Authority and Utah Inland Port Authority, policymakers, and funding sources like the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office underscores a shared commitment to driving electrification innovation. This collaboration seamlessly bridges academic research, practical applications, and policy frameworks, nurturing an environment that fosters transformative and sustainable transportation solutions. Collectively, these entities are at the forefront of the electrification journey, sculpting a future where cleaner, more intelligent transportation systems thrive under the visionary guidance of the ASPIRE center.

Outputs & Outcomes

The endeavors of the ASPIRE Center, in partnership with Utah Clean Cities, have produced tangible outputs and transformative outcomes. In addition to the installation of the wireless demonstration roadway itself, ASPIRE’s work has led to the establishment of electrified transportation corridors, the deployment of innovative in-road electrification solutions, and the creation of resilient infrastructure models. The collaborative efforts have led to the realization of electrified roadways in major western ports which are influencing regional transportation strategies. These outputs have not only demonstrated the feasibility of roadway electrification but have also underscored the potential for cleaner, more efficient transportation systems.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

The journey of the ASPIRE center and its partnership with Utah Clean Cities have yielded valuable insights and best practices that offer inspiration to others in the field:

  1. Innovation: The merger of scientific research with practical deployment has been instrumental in propelling the advancement of electrified roads and heavy-duty transportation.
  2. Deployment: The transition from research to tangible demonstrations, such as ports and distribution centers, has been pivotal in validating electrification concepts.
  3. Policy Frameworks: The crafting of supportive policies has played a key role in driving the electrification revolution in transportation.
  4. Workforce Development: The focus on transitioning traditional energy sector workers into the dynamic clean energy sector highlights the importance of adept leadership and innovative strategies.
  5. Societal Impact Studies: The conduction of studies that effectively communicate the environmental and technological advancements of electrification to communities impacted by air pollution and climate change has fostered understanding and support.

Visit USU Engineering on YouTube to view the “Introducing ASPIRE” video: https://youtu.be/iOUQ90AzjGU 

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