Location: Alabama Power Company
Fleet Type: Utility Company Light-duty Electric Vehicles



Alabama Power is the most prominent utility in the state, supplying more than 1.5 million customers with power each year. Alabama Power has embraced sustainability both for its customers and throughout its operations, including through transportation.

Alabama Power Ford F-150 Lightning on display at an event hosted by ACFC

As of of 2023, Alabama Power has purchased nearly 100 light-duty electric vehicles. When including Alabama Power’s parent company, Southern Company, which also spans into Georgia, the number reaches over 230 electric vehicles (in both states combined). This fleet is primarily composed of Ford F-150 Lightning trucks. These electric trucks are used in a variety of ways for their everyday use, but mainly in support of the company’s Power Delivery (Transmission and Distribution) teams, providing power to its external customers. There is a key focus on electrification and retirement of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles that are at their life- cycle replacement timeframe. 

The Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition continues to support Alabama Power’s efforts for both internal and external-facing electrification goals, such as the Alabama Power Make Ready program. Many of our stakeholders have also utilized Alabama Power’s Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate program.

Outputs & Outcomes

Alabama Power Electric Transportation Manager, Hasin Gandhakwala, speaking at a ribbon cutting for a new EV charging station in Birmingham’s Avondale Community
Source: Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition

Outputs: Alabama Power is a longstanding member of the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition and participates in almost every EV showcase and other EV-related event in Alabama.  Alabama Power also participates as a member of the state’s Alabama EV Advisory Group, which is managed by ACFC.   Alabama Power has been very supportive of the process to create EV owner chapters across the state. 

Outcomes: Alabama Power’s company-wide focus on Alabama’s EV ecosystem, including a team dedicated to electric transportation efforts,  has led to more EV adoption and more consumer EV awareness.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

  1. Share the facts: Consumers of all types, including businesses, governmental entities, and residential consumers all have differing levels of EV awareness. As more EVs are available in Alabama and many more people are becoming interested in learning more, we find that people appreciate opportunities to learn the facts related to EVs and ask questions to an unbiased source. Flexibility when engaging in technological innovation is very important to success.
  2. Cost is a critical factor: The Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition always stresses the importance of understanding the financial costs and benefits that can be associated with going electric.  As the cost of new electric vehicles and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles grow closer together, the potential cost savings associated with electric vehicle ownership is a major element of consumer education.  It is great that Alabama Power and the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition are able to work to educate so many consumers together.

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