Electric Vehicle Resources & Documents

DRIVE Electric USA participating states, PAC members and other partners have worked to create some excellent electric vehicle resources to facilitate EV adoption throughout the country.

From the EV Hub website – “Data on electric vehicle registrations is the single-most requested piece of data we get for the EV Hub. Good public policy on transportation electrification demands that we know where the vehicles are located and how that’s changing over time. With this in mind, we’re working with local stakeholders nationwide to identify a process to collect this information in a way the protects privacy and share it publicly.”

>> Visit the Dashboard for the EV Hub

The “Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan” came out in April 2020. Click here to access a PDF version.


The Florida EV Roadmap is the first comprehensive investigation into the status and needs of EV charging infrastructure in Florida for the next three to four years. Also included in the report is a map with recommended sites for charging infrastructure to meet the growing needs of our state. There are also planning recommendations that address various topics such as permitting, emergency evacuation needs, and education.

Photo of front page of Florida EV Roadmap document: click to download pdf

North Carolina’s “ZEV Plan” came out in October 2019. Click here to access a PDF version.


Tennessee’s “A Roadmap for EVs in Tennessee” came out in January 2019. Click here to access a PDF version.


A sortable and searchable list of more than 100 MSRP values for EVs and PHEVs in 2021. Hosted on DriveElectricTN.org here.

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