Accelerating the Adoption of Electric Vehicles

DRIVE Electric USA will fully develop 14 state-based “Drive Electric” programs that will engage individuals, utilities, legislators, dealerships and others towards removing adoption barriers and accelerating plug-in electric vehicle use in our states.

Project managed by ETCF and CFO

Project Overview

Participating States

The Project & Team

In early 2020, staff from East Tennessee Clean Fuels (ETCF) and Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) opined, “what if we could get a significant number of largely flyover states together to share in developing plans for building effective Drive Electric programs in all our states?” That question turned into the DRIVE Electric USA proposal that was selected and awarded by the US Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office in summer 2020. The project is running from October 2020 through December 2023 and is comprised of a group of diverse stakeholders, including Clean Cities Coalitions from fourteen states, electric vehicle and EVSE OEMs, and other committed partners who are dedicated to raising awareness and adoption of EVs across the United States. We will use our states as great and dissimilar examples of how to successfully build statewide, successful EV efforts to drive the purchase and use of EVs of all sizes and by general citizens and fleets.

In order to accomplish this goal, project leaders and implementers will educate consumers, utilities, utility regulators, and government officials while engaging auto dealers and fleet leaders, conducting EV infrastructure planning, and developing local EV chapters. All of this will occur under the banner of each branded, statewide EV initiative which will be guided by that state’s stakeholders. The project will create a replication playbook based on outputs and lessons learned and build successful long-term continuation through funding and partnerships. Additionally, a 28-member Project Advisory Committee (PAC) will provide input and guide the coalitions and their statewide efforts to break down barriers as quickly as we can towards accelerating EV adoption in our states.

Of the Clean Cities coalitions that are partners in our project states… nine partner coalitions are led by Clean Cities Hall of Fame inductees, and ten coalition’s leaders have been operating their coalitions for 10 years or more. Learn more about our statewide initiatives and who is leading each state’s efforts in the boxes below.

Statewide Drive Electric Programs

Drive Electric TN logo

Drive Electric Tennessee

East Tennessee Clean Fuels
Jonathan Overly
[email protected]

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DriveElectricOhio logo

Drive Electric Ohio

Clean Fuels Ohio
Megan Stein
[email protected]

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Drive Electric Alabama

Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition
Mark Bentley
[email protected]

Drive Electric Colorado logo

Drive Electric Colorado

Denver Metro Clean Cities
Bonnie Trowbridge
[email protected]

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Drive Electric FL logo

Drive Electric Florida

Central Florida Clean Cities
Colleen Kettles
[email protected]

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Drive Electric Georgia

Clean Cities-Georgia
Frank Morris
[email protected]


Drive Electric Kansas

Kansas City Regional Clean Cities & Central Kansas Clean Cities
Kelly Gilbert & Tami Alexander
[email protected], [email protected]

DriveElectricLA logo

Drive Electric Louisiana

Louisiana Clean Fuels
Ann Vail
[email protected]


Drive Electric Missouri

St. Louis Clean Cities & Kansas City Regional Clean Cities
Kevin Herdler & Kelly Gilbert
[email protected], [email protected]

plug-in nc logo

plug-in nc

Triangle Clean Cities
Sean Flaherty
[email protected]

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Drive Electric PA logo

Drive Electric Pennsylvania

Eastern PA – Alliance for Clean Transportation
Tony Bandiero
[email protected]

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UTAH BEEZ Logo, Transparent background

Utah B.E.E.Z.

Utah Clean Cities
Tammie Bostick
[email protected]


Virginia EV

Virginia Clean Cities
Matt Wade
[email protected]


Drive Electric Wisconsin

Wisconsin Clean Cities
Lorrie Lisek
[email protected]

Priority Areas

1) Statewide Branded EV Programs

The Project will create strong statewide branded EV programs, each guided by a committee of EV stakeholders and encompassing locally based chapters. These programs will attract support and resources, coordinate action across all other Priority Areas, and increase positive exposure.

2) Consumer Education

Directly educate at least 14,000 consumers (average of 1,000+ per state) through direct participation in EV Ride-and-Drives (R&Ds) and other tactics. Develop and support local EV chapters (at least two per state) to coordinate R&Ds based on specific event models. Gather and analyze participant surveys.

3) Utility and Regulator Education

Educate state utility regulators, plus investor-owned, municipal, and cooperative utilities in 14 states. Base education on evolving best practices for utility EV programs and benefits of transportation electrification for all stakeholders, including non-EV owning utility customers. Conduct seminars, forums, R&Ds and other convenings for utilities, regulators and stakeholders in the sector.

4) EV Charging Infrastructure and Planning

Conduct gap analyses and develop or update plans for EV charging infrastructure in each of the 14 Partnership states at statewide, regional and community levels. Use analyses to educate a wide range of stakeholders and plan deployment of EVSE at all levels and site types in each state.

5) Education of State and Local Government Officials

Educate government officials in all 14 Partnership states. At the state level, focus on best practices for incentive programs for vehicles and infrastructure, state building codes, weights and measures issues for public EVSE, among others. At the local level, focus on guidance for charging in public rights of way, signage and parking enforcement, local building codes, and government fleet electrification.

6) Dealer Engagement

Develop “preferred” EV dealer programs in 14 states, then secure forty or more preferred dealers total, with at least two per state. Build web-based platforms to help channel interested EV purchasers to preferred dealers. Partner with “low touch” Internet- based retailers that sell EVs, especially in portions of states still underserved by supportive dealers.

7) Fleet Engagement and EV Adoption

Meet with personnel from 560 fleets across all Partnership states, then drive EV adoption in an average of at least 10 fleets per state.

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Administrative Team

Jonathan Overly
Jonathan OverlyTNCleanFuels
Jonathan Overly has spent 20 years building partnerships towards implementing cleaner-fuel projects and programs. While Tennessee is his primary focus, multi-state collaboratives are of unique interest to Jonathan as they provide opportunities to make a larger difference.
Daniel J. F. Siksay
Daniel J. F. SiksayTNCleanFuels
Daniel is an experienced rhetorician who has successfully applied a critical thinking mindset to create an extensive skillset including business management, digital media coordination, and public outreach.
Sarah E. Roth
Sarah E. RothTNCleanFuels
Sarah is a data management expert and a published biologist. She is a talented environmental advocate and utilizes her considerable expertise and social intuition to bring people together for the public good.
Sam Spofforth
Sam SpofforthClean Fuels Ohio
Sam Spofforth has served as Executive Director of Columbus-based Clean Fuels Ohio since the organization’s founding in 2002. He will provide support for Drive Electric USA as a Project Programmatic Lead.
Andrew Conley
Andrew ConleyClean Fuels Ohio
Andrew Conley is Clean Fuels Ohio’s Chief Program Office where he is responsible for directing all programmatic work and synergizing efforts among all the program areas. He will provide Program Oversight for the Drive Electric USA project.
Megan Stein
Megan SteinClean Fuels Ohio
Megan Stein, Chief Operations Officer, manages all business operations at Clean Fuels Ohio. She will provide Administrative Oversight for Drive Electric USA.
Marie McConnell
Marie McConnellClean Fuels Ohio
Marie McConnell is the Outreach & Organizing Manager for Clean Fuels Ohio’s Drive Electric Ohio Initiative. She will be Drive Electric Ohio’s Programmatic Lead for Drive Electric USA.
Jenna Ellingson
Jenna EllingsonClean Fuels Ohio
Jenna Ellingson is a Projects Coordinator at Clean Fuels Ohio. She is responsible for managing contracting and administrative tasks for Drive Electric USA.